Explained: What’s The Fuss About The Moye Moye Trend, And Why’s India So Into it?

In the expansive realm of the internet, the Moye Moye trend has emerged as a phenomenon that has captivated the attention of social media users across India. At its core lies the infectious track “Dzanum” by Serbian singer Teya Dora, often colloquially referred to as Moye Moye within the Indian context.

This musical masterpiece has transcended borders, accumulated an impressive 58 million views and inspiring the creation of over a million videos on Instagram. Despite the song’s initial somber theme, Indians have embraced it with enthusiasm, infusing their own cultural nuances to create a unique and distinctly Indian version of the Moye Moye trend.

Moye Moye Trend

“Dzanum,” composed by Teya Dora and Luka Jovanović Luxonee, with lyrics penned by Teya Dora and Slobodan Veljković Coby, sets a haunting tone. The music video, featuring scenes of individuals holding guns in snowy landscapes, transitions to Teya Dora’s evocative vocals against a backdrop of contemplative visuals.

What is Moye Moye trend?

What sets the Moye Moye trend in India apart is the Desi twist added by enthusiasts, sparking a meme frenzy on various social media platforms. Indians are not merely followers but active contributors, seamlessly integrating their creativity into the trend, thereby transforming it into a cultural phenomenon.

The English translation of Dzanum’s lyrics offers a glimpse into the poignant narrative of the song, exploring themes of loneliness, haunting dreams, and an unfulfilled soul. This lyrical depth adds an additional layer to the Moye Moye trend, resonating with individuals on a profound emotional level.


As the trend continues to surge through the digital landscape, it is evident that India’s vibrant social media community has embraced Moye Moye with open arms. Beyond being passive participants, Indians have become architects of this global trend, imprinting their creativity and cultural identity onto the digital canvas.

Whether through humorous memes, creative reinterpretations, or heartfelt renditions, India’s contribution has transformed Moye Moye from a global sensation into an integral part of the ever-evolving cultural tapestry of the internet.

Dzanum’s song English translation

Nobody wants my soul

Not for anything in the world
To try and heal my wound
Nobody wants my soul

As the night falls, the same dream comes back
Standing before me is a saint holding black linen
That voice is calling me into the grey sea
I have no luck, there’s no salvation for me (There’s no salvation for me)

Nobody wants my soul, nobody wants my pain
To get moved by my tears and for me to surrender to them
Nobody wants my soul, nobody wants my pain
On my pillow, restlessly, I dream of evil

Till the end of time, till the world ends
My fate is cursed
This soul has no home, this soul has no tone
Candles of a black dawn are burning, my nightmares

My nightmares, my nightmares
My nightmares, my nightmares
My nightmares, my nightmares
My nightmares, my nightmares.

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