Orry Says “I Am Living, I Am A Liver” In Viral Video, Sparks Meme Fest


Orhan Awatramani, also known as ‘Orry’, has gained attention for his association with Bollywood celebrities and recently became viral for claiming that he “works very hard” on himself. In a recent interview, he mentioned that he considers himself a “Liver” because he lives. This statement has sparked a meme fest on social media.

In the video, Orry stated, “You go for a job, you are a jobber. You paint, you are a painter. I am living, I am a liver. Yea, I am a liver.” The short clip has garnered various reactions from internet users, turning it into a source of humor and memes online.

“‘I think, therefore I am’ -Rene Descartes. ‘I live, therefore I am a liver.’ -Orry Awatranani,” said a user.

“Never ask Orry , ‘What he does for a living ‘because he’s just a liver,” added another user.

“I’m commenting. I’m a commenter,” noted a person.

Another added, “I m a kidney. i m always kidding.”

“N I’m leaving so I am a LEAVER!!” added a user.

“I am a kid and i nap, so am a kidnapper,” joked another person.

“I am watching this I am sufferer,” added another person.

A person also added, “I’m stuck at – if you go for a job “You’re a Jober.”

In an old interview with Cosmopolitan, describing what he actually does, Orry said, “Everyone wants to know this? I’ll tell you exactly what I said in my first job interview to my boss as of today, ‘You know, ma’am, growing up I wanted to be an aeronautical engineer.

But what am I today? I’m a singer, a songwriter, a fashion designer, a creative director, a stylist, an executive assistant, a shopper, and sometimes a football player, I don’t know. I feel like life is about having dreams. Inflate your dreams, give them wings to fly, and seize every opportunity.’ I looked her in the eyes and said, ‘I’m the kind of person that if you ask me to paint something for your wall, I’ll paint the entire house’. And mic drop.”

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