Sonam Lotus, The Beloved Weatherman, Bids Farewell To Kashmir’s Skies

SrinagarIn an order that is certain to trigger a wave of sadness across the Kashmir Valley,  the administration has transferred Sonam Lotus, the Director of Meteorological Department to take over as the head of Meteorological centre in Leh.

Lotus served the Valley for close to a decade and performed his job almost like a ‘weather God,’ forecasting rains and sunshine to the point of their actual duration. It was almost like he made it happen and vanish. And in the process, he got a sort of decisive say in how Kashmiris planned their days and family functions.

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Over the years, his name became a part of the household chatter and even banter when weather was discussed. He became someone whose daily weather bulletins you cited or wanted to be read to, before you convinced others or yourself about how the following day would go.

In time, the name Sonam Lotus took on a metaphorical meaning: it became a mark of authenticity. One could say if a prediction has to come true, it has to be “Lotus certified.”

Lotus took over when technology had advanced and people were still fed with archaic weather reports by the local Doordarshan Kendra, Srinagar. He ushered in a new era of meteorological forecasting, bringing modern tools and techniques to provide accurate and timely weather information to the people of Kashmir.

His departure marks the end of an era where the name ‘Sonam Lotus’ became synonymous with dependable weather predictions.

On Saturday,  as the government issued his transfer order, the Meteorological Department forecast mainly dry and clear weather in Jammu and Kashmir till November 3.

“The weather will remain mainly dry and clear in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh till November 4,” an official of the Department said,

On the day of his transfer, Lotus has left us with sunshine in winter.

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