After Allahabad and Faizabad, Aligarh will now likely be called Harigarh

Lucknow: Following the Municipal Corporation’s decision to change the name of Aligarh to Harigarh, the Mayor revealed plans to submit a proposal to the state government for official endorsement.

The Mayor, Prashant Singhal, expressed optimism that the government would acknowledge the longstanding demand and facilitate the name change, The Hindu reported.

This move would add Aligarh to the list of several other places in Uttar Pradesh whose names have been altered by the state government in recent years, citing historical and cultural significance.

Additionally, various public figures and representatives have advocated for the renaming of several districts and locations across the state, emphasizing the significance of Hindu figures in the region.

A pending public interest litigation (PIL) petition in the Supreme Court further supports the notion of renaming numerous places in Uttar Pradesh, underlining the need to honor Hindu deities and figures.

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