Winter Vacation in Kashmir 2023 Announced, Check Dates Here


Breaking: DSEK Announces Winter Vacation in Kashmir 2023 Classes Upto 8th Standard.

Directorate of School Education Kashmir has announced winter vacations in phase-wise manner for educational institutions in Kashmir Valley.

For Classes upto 8th standard, the vacations will be observed from November 28, 2023 to February 29, 2024 and subsequently for classes 8th to 12th standard the vacations will be observed from December 11, 2023 to February 29, 2024.

“The teaching staff shall report back to their respective schools on 21st February, 2024, so that they remain available for making arrangements regarding preparation of ensuing examinations”, reads the order, a copy of which lies with GNS.

13 thoughts on “Winter Vacation in Kashmir 2023 Announced, Check Dates Here

  1. Winter break should be announced immediately especially for toddlers who are at risk of contracting winter diseases.

  2. I,e y October session was suitable for kashmir valley ,our students lose 4 months dec.jan.feb.april and even the chilling days of march….

  3. Winter break should be announced earlier because the kids are suffering from the severe cold and are getting fever, cold, cough and vomitting.

    1. Director is nit looking weather conditions kids are suffered from cold, fever,or body pain so immediately announce winter vacation upto primary classes

  4. The infrastructure of schools are not good. Day by day kids are falling I’ll due to bad weather. Roads are totally damaged and Excavation is going on the roads. Traffic mess everywhere. Schools should be closed as soon as possible.

  5. My opinion is to announce winter vacations per the need. There is no need to have a strict calendar for these vacations.

  6. Winter break should be announced soon.Dipping temperature in the morning and exposure because of low and high temperature at schools which provide heating makes children suffer.

  7. winter vacation should commence from 25th November 2023 as temperature drops down and students being facing many problems especially toddlers due to harsh cold 🥶😷….

  8. It’s crucial to prioritize the well-being of students, especially during harsh weather conditions. Extending winter vacation to include not only toddlers but also up to 10th-12th standards shows a thoughtful approach to address health concerns like cold fever. This decision reflects a commitment to ensuring a safe and healthy learning environment for all students.

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