JKBOSE Cancellation of Exam Forms for 11th & 12th 2024, Check Your Name


Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education Cancels Ineligible Candidates’ Examination Forms

The Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE) has made a decision to cancel the examination forms of ineligible candidates who were registered for the Class 11 and 12 Annual Regular Session 2024 examinations. This step was taken after discovering that certain institutions had submitted examination forms for candidates who did not meet the eligibility criteria.

Key points from the notification:

  1. Cancellation of Forms: The JKBOSE has officially cancelled the examination forms of candidates who were deemed ineligible for the Class 11 and 12 Annual Regular Session 2024 examinations.
  2. Reason for Cancellation: The decision was prompted by the identification of instances where institutions submitted examination forms without proper verification of the candidates’ eligibility.
  3. List of Ineligible Candidates: The board has published a list of these ineligible candidates on its official website.
  4. Options for Ineligible Candidates: The affected candidates have the option to appear either in the Bi-Annual 2024 examination in a private capacity or in the Annual 2025 examination in a regular capacity.
  5. Warning to Institutions: The JKBOSE has issued a stern warning to all institutions, cautioning them that strict action will be taken if they continue to submit examination forms for ineligible candidates in the future.

Candidates and institutions are advised to carefully adhere to the eligibility criteria and verification processes to avoid such cancellations in the future.

Cancelled Exams forms Class 11th and 12th PDF

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