Snowfall Update for South Kashmir

IMD Predicts Snowfall, Rains in Jammu and Kashmir

Weather Report

SRINAGAR: In a recent forecast, the IMD anticipates light snowfall and rainfall in Jammu and Kashmir, courtesy of a western disturbance at 55 degrees. Additionally, central India is bracing for thunderstorms and hailstorms until November 26-27, all attributed to an oncoming western disturbance.

Understanding the role of western disturbances, which are extratropical storms originating from the Mediterranean or Caspian Sea, is crucial. These disturbances bring non-monsoonal rainfall to northwest India and usher in sudden winter rain in the northwestern parts of the Indian subcontinent, often accompanied by snow and fog.

Looking ahead to November 24-25, dark clouds are expected to gather over Northwest India, indicating a dynamic weather scenario in the region.

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