Hajj 2024: Online Registration Begins, Check Last Date & How to Apply

The Hajj Committee of India has announced the start of filing of applications for Hajj pilgrimage from today.

The Committee, falling under Ministry of Minority Affairs, has informed that the Hajj-2024 will be organised under Hajj Policy-2023, dated 29.11.2023.

“The process of filing of applications for Haj-2024 through Haj Committee of India shall commence online from 04.12.2023 and will close on 20.12.2023”, reads the notification, as per news agency Kashmir Scroll.

“The application forms, the notification reads, can be filled and submitted online at website of Haj Committee of India http://hajcommittee.gov.in or through the android mobile App ‘Haj Suvidha’.”

“Applicants are advised to read the Guidelines/Undertaking carefully before filling Haj Application Forms. Machine readable valid Indian International Passport issued before the closing date of application and valid upto 31.01.2025 is must”, reads the notification further.

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