AI-based apple-grading technology

AI-based apple-grading technology introduced in Kulgam


In a momentous stride aimed at minimizing losses and ushering in significant benefits for local farmers through refined grading processes, Intello Labs has introduced an innovative Artificial Intelligence-powered Opex-Model grading line technology in South Kashmir’s Kulgam district.

The state-of-the-art system, meticulously crafted by Intello Labs, harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to identify defects, including fungal apples, and executes precise grading based on crucial parameters like size, color, and overall quality.

Talking to the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), Misbah Tahir Peer, Sales Coordinator J&K at Intello Labs, highlighted the innovation, said, “This optical grading line is an innovative system utilizing AI to identify defects, including the separation of fungal apples, ensuring precise grading based on various quality parameters.”

AI-based apple-grading technology

She said it is a fully automated, computerized, optical grader equipped with foreign cameras – the only machine in India capable of defect identification in fruit.

Addressing the unique introduction in Kulgam, she said, “As there is no existing grading line in Kulgam, this cutting-edge technology will bring revolutionary change to the apple industry in the Kashmir valley firstly in Kulgam district.”

Responding to inquiries about accessibility, Misbah explained, “Farmers can avail a 50% subsidy for the project through the Department of Horticulture.”

Discussing the benefits for farmers, she emphasized its efficiency, saying, “This technology is quick, requires less labor, and can grade 2.5 tonnes of apples per hour. A demonstration was conducted at Fruit Mandi Kulgam, attended by CEO Millan Sharma, Postharvest Management p Professional Mukhtar Ahmad Khan, and other officials, showcasing its effectiveness in revolutionizing apple grading.”

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